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Payroll Solutions for Startups and Growing SMEs

Are you looking for integrated software to handle HR operations? HR Payroll Solutions from
ARVS is what you need.
The HR department is one of the most significant parts of an organization and is directly
related to its growth. Managing human resources can be a challenging task as an
organization has to take care of high volume employee data cost-effectively and efficiently.
With our convenient and adaptable HR management system, you can simplify and automate
your HR operations. HR Payroll Software will enable you to complete your work within a
short period to create a highly functional workspace.


Features of Our HR Payroll Software

Identify your HR management needs and choose a solution accordingly.

Organization Management Software
It will enable you to search for and access information from the employee. Using this,
choose the display mode you want for your organizational chart which caters to your

Manage Payroll
Managing payroll is now more comfortable with this software, which makes sure that you
run the payment with just the click of a button.

Employee Self-Service
Employees can use to inquire about their payroll. and handle their payments with this easy
handling software.

Employee Management
It can make it easier to keep track of the record and information of the employees. Essential
data are in a secure database to help you manage everything. Use it anytime and anywhere
to manage your employees.

Time and Attendance
You can process attendance efficiently and effectively in real-time with our HR Payroll

Leave Management
Our Leave Management system will take care of the tedious work for you. We offer a
customizable system that enables you to make the system your own.

Employee Exit Management
With this, you can manage the process of final settlement for an employee exiting the
company. The software ensures a smooth, exiting operation.

Why Choose Us?
· We have an extensive base of happy clients
· Our company offers customized solutions as per your requirements
·  We offer scalable and robust HR and Payroll Solution, which caters to the requisites of
startups, as well as big business.

Take your first step into a better future for your business our customized HR Payroll