School Management Software


School Management Now at Your Fingertips with ARVS

If you are looking for an effective and efficient School Management Software, you have come to the
right place.
With School Management Software (SMS), you can improve the way your school is managed. This
interactive platform serves as an excellent way for the teachers, students, management, parents,
and trustees to interact with each other. It is an integrated platform connecting the various
departments of an institution such as examination details, time tables, certifications, student details,
result generation, report generation, library, fee counter, canteen, vendor, payroll, inventory,
account, and much more. In simple words,
How can Our School Management Software be Beneficial for You?
A school is just like any other multinational company handling several complicated resources. With a
central data storage solution, a school will be able to access all data it requires and gets rid of the
redundant administrative task, and also share data between various departments.

● Manage Student Profile and Information
● Send Out Email or SMS to Parents
● Records and Keeps Data for Parents, Students, and Staff Members
● Management of Attendance for Teachers, Students, and Staff

What does Our School Management Software Include?
·        Offline and online admission system
·        Enquiry management system
·        Fees collection system
·        Student profile system
·        SMS System
·        ID Card System
·        Staff Attendance System
·        Student Attendance System
·        Asset and Inventory Management
·        Payroll System
·        Canteen Management System
·        Payment and Fee Management
·        Scheduling and Time-Table
·        Hostel Management
·        Maintenance Management
·        Hostel Management
·        Employee Record Management

Why Choose Us?

· Our solution works on every system and with every configuration
· We develop robust and scalable school management software that caters to the requirements of
growing colleges or schools.
· Our experienced professionals are ever ready to help you if you encounter any problems with the
software or any queries you have.
· We customize the solution we offer as per your requirements.
Now, you can handle all your departments using online-based and cutting-edge software that
includes the payment system. With our help, you can work smarter.